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Imagery of brain scan on glioblastoma research organisation page.

One person dies from brain cancer every 7 hours.

Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most diagnosed and deadliest of brain tumours in adults. And in the last 30 years, very limited new treatment options have been released.

But there is hope. Coming this November, a new way of fighting brain cancer will be available to Australian GBM patients ... GBM AGILE.

As the world's first global "adaptive" clinical trial for brain cancer, GBM AGILE allows glioblastoma patients to quickly share in the benefits of more effective therapies at a faster, more effective pace. 


Providing new hope where little currently exists.


These trials can help up to 50 GBM patients per year to access new, potential beneficial therapies and it's coming to Australia.

Photo of glioblastoma patient holding hand as part of glioblastoma research organisation page.
Brain scan imagery used as background on glioblastoma research organisation page facilitating donations.

From diagnosis to death, he only lasted three months.

– Tegan Irvine, her father Brad was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma at 51.

Close up imagery of brain cancer cells featured as background on brain cancer research page based in Australia.

A Revolution In Brain Cancer Treatment

 We have a lot to accomplish.    And we need your help.  

Your impact will ...

Improve the overall survival in patients with newly diagnosed or recurrent GBM. Becoming a partner for one of the GBM AGILE trials will help secure the long-term future of these trials to Australian patients and will help ...

Implement a novel Australian scientific system compatible with the prevailing clinical trial framework.

Help GBM AGILE serve as a long-standing platform to test multiple therapies and treatments. 

Create a more cost-effective medical research system within Australia and de-risk investment in brain cancer.

Create a learning system and gather patient data to inform further brain cancer research.

Give patients real hope and engender an advocacy movement in brain cancer. 

Provide a platform for other diseases to replicate and inform.

   We are at a tipping point in brain cancer;   

the time is coming when patients will no longer be given their diagnosis and told there is no hope.

They will instead be told there are treatment options, that don't involve debilitating side effects. Funding an adaptive trial like GBM AGILE will help make this vision a reality.

– Professor Webster Cavenee (PhD)
Co-Founder and Board Member of GCAR

Close up imagery of brain scans featured as a background image on gbm agile research website for Australian brain cancer charity organization.

How You Can Support GBM AGILE

Be a partner for one of our Australian trial sites and help ensure the future of this trial for years to come.


When you are a champion of this groundbreaking research, you are helping provide these innovative trials and support for GBM patients and Australian experts. 

Close up imagery of brain scans featured as a background image on gbm agile Australia website.


  In the News  

Featured image for blog on GBM AGILE trial site announcment. Features text and headlines talking about an update from leadership on the trials coming to Australia.

Australia Ready for GBM AGILE Trial Sites

GBM AGILE trial sites on track to open soon for Australians impacted by glioblastoma.

Featured image on news story focusing on the appointment of Kate Bryan-Greenwood as the clinical trial manager to oversee GBM AGILE Australia trials.

Clinical Trial Manager (CTM) Appointed to Oversee GBM AGILE in Australia

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Kate Bryant-Greenwood as the Clinical Trial Manager (CTM) to oversee GBM AGILE in Australia. 

Featured image in News Section of website of researcher and icons of medical research. Goes along with news story talking about GBM AGILE trial investment on behalf of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation Invests in GBM AGILE

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, the leading charity for brain cancer research, awareness and advocacy in the region, has announced a partnership with the Global Coalition for Adaptive Research to bring a revolutionary, first of its kind clinical trial …

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