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Close up of brain scan used as background imagery on GBM AGILE Australia website, focused on getting donations for brain cancer research.

What is GBM AGILE?

GBM AGILE is the world's first adaptive clinical trial platform with a unique approach to the traditional clinical trial which will enable faster and cost-effective development of new treatments versus conventional trials.

GBM AGILE tests multiple drugs on a greater number of patients in a highly compressed timeframe and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional clinical trial. 

  Traditional Clinical Trial  

It takes several years to evaluate a single drug.

Not experimental. Dependent on results from a single drug used on multiple patients at one time.

Expensive treatment pathway with slow progress.


Doesn’t allow cross-learning and the opportunity for learning to improve treatment outcomes.


The traditional research pathway involves changing one variable at a time and testing one treatment on multiple participants. 

Expensive process with an experimental drug taking almost 12 years to be available in the market.

  GBM AGILE has a primary objective   of improving the overall survival in patients with newly diagnosed or recurrent GBM.

  GBM AGILE Trial  

The platform is adaptive, allowing multiple drugs and drug combinations from different pharmaceutical companies to be evaluated simultaneously. 

Innovative to add experimental therapies as new information about promising new drugs are identified and remove therapies as they complete their evaluation. 

A more efficient and cost-effective mechanism for accelerating treatments to patients.


The global platform allows patient tumour prototypes to be treated with similar drugs, increasing efficacy and survival.


Credible learning environment built by a group of more than 130 clinicians, researchers, leaders from government, industry and patient advocates globally.


An efficient approach to drug development, improving treatment accessibility and one that has received significant interest and support from clinicians, industry, and regulatory agencies worldwide. 


GCAR logo.

The Global Coalition for Adaptive Research (GCAR) is the sponsor of GBM AGILE trials. Partnering with Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, the goal of these trials is to drive progress for patients faster.

GCAR unites physicians, clinical researchers, advocacy and philanthropic organizations, biotech/pharma, health authorities,  and other key stakeholders in healthcare to expedite the discovery and development of treatments for patients with rare and deadly diseases.


Close up of brain cancer scan.


  Expanded into Australia ... 


The GBM trial, sponsored by the Global Coalition for Adaptive Research (GCAR) opens in the United States.

The trial continued to expand globally. More than 45 GBM AGILE trial sites are established around the world, improving treatment accessibility for brain cancer patients internationally.


Cure Brain Cancer Foundation invests in bringing the revolutionary GBM AGILE clinical trial to Australia.


To date, the foundation has invested more than $30 million and is the largest dedicated funder for brain cancer research in Australia.

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation crane logo.

More Patients Helped

The trial continues to grow in helping more patients get access to these groundbreaking treatments.

Currently the GBM AGILE trial has screened more than 1,300 patients with enrollment rates being three to four times greater than traditional GBM trials. 

Brain cancer scan results featured as imagery for background on GBM AGILE Australia informational website

How You Can Support GBM AGILE

Be a partner for one of our Australian trial sites and help ensure the future of this trial for years to come.


When you are a champion of this groundbreaking research, you are helping provide these innovative trials and support for GBM patients and Australian experts. 

  GBM AGILE aligns with our mission to improve survival and quality of life for people living with brain cancer.  
We are thrilled about the opportunity to bring treatments to brain cancer patients faster than ever before.

This announcement to The AGILE trial in Australia echoes the persistence of all involved to bring new treatments to patients by partnering with research and industry partners, reflecting what our community has told us they need, and confirms our position as an industry leader for researchers and investment in care.”

– Lance Kawaguchi
CEO of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

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